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Alternative: Danish Inriggers for sea rowing

Alternative: rowing boats for inland waters

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Coastal Rowing

Coastal rowing is white water rowing at sea. You don't avoid the waves, you look for them. The boats are significantly wider than classic racing boats, but shorter. This makes the boats waveable and agile.
Due to the larger width, Coastal boats can be quickly mastered even by beginners, so that a sense of achievement is quickly established.
With a classic sea boat (
Inrigger) you want to row over the waves, with a coastal boat you row through the waves. Waves that hit the boat via the bow run out of the open stern again. Since almost the entire boat consists of buoyancy bodies, the Coastal boats are practically unsinkable.

Coastal Racing

The FISA has standardized and approved Coastal One and Two without cox, as well as the Coastal Four with cox for regattas.
There are two types of coastal regattas:
Beach-Rowing: Start at the beach 250 m through the surf to a turning buoy and back to the beach. There are optional slalom buoys on the course.
Long distance: On a triangle or square course of 4-6 km with one or more turning buoys.

Coastal Surf Rower

Coastal Racing

Coastal Xpedition Paul auf der Welle


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